If you have any question do not hesitate to send us a message.

1.How Can i Submit my coupon?

Ans: You have creat your account , then go to my account page and click on Add Coupon- Fill all Details and submit.

2. How can i pay?

Ans: you have go to your account and go to my Coupon or Deals.- Click on Pay and  Payumoney Payment page will open. Once Your Payment done. your Coupon will be approved and published.

3. My Coupon is not published after doing payment.what to do?

Ans: Just Email us at submit@couponsera.in

4. What is Coupon & Deals Fee Per Coupon & Deals?

Ans: Its Only Rs 10 Per Coupon & Deals with Unlimited valid.

5. There is bulk Publication available?

Ans: Yes, its available at Premium Service.


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